Workforce Productivity Training

Analyze Your Most Important Asset: Human Capital

HCMI’s popular Workforce Productivity Training Workshops have been meticulously developed by expert consultants to deliver participants the required tools and techniques to successfully measure, benchmark, and more importantly, improve productivity on an organization-wide scale. This training will walk through the process from A to Z and provide practical knowledge and tools to make an immediate impact on your company’s productivity.

The training also includes a desktop version of the Summary Impact Statement from the Human Capital Financial Statements (HCFS) tool. The HCFS has been featured in the Controller’s Report by the Institute of Finance & Management (June 2015) and CFO Magazine: “Power from the People: Can human capital financial statements allow companies to measure the value of their employees?” by David McCann, November 2011.

What Attendees Receive from HCMI’s Training

Everything a Workforce Analyst Needs to Know

 Learn HCMI’s proven talent management framework with over 30 case studies and 10 hands-on exercises, and walk away with a free workforce model and 100+ metrics.

Evidence-based Talent Management Framework

HCMI’s framework has helped major leading corporations and nonprofit entities implement the evidence-based approach to their talent management. Find HCMI’s case studies here.

Build Conceptual Foundation for Advanced Analyses

This workshop provides all the necessary concepts to help attendees build the foundation to solve complex talent problems and perform predictive analyses.

Walk away with Implementation-ready Project Ideas

Complete the workshop with a list of low-hanging opportunities for attendees to have make an immediate impact on their organization and make a business case for workforce analytics.

Key Questions Answered in this Workshop

  1. How can our workforce be modeled to optimize for productivity and profitability?
  2. Is workforce productivity increasing, decreasing or static?
  3. What is the average time-to-full-productivity for new hires? For new hires in critical roles?
  4. Are we losing the right people (low performers) or the wrong people (high performers or critical roles and skills)?
  5. What is the statistical link between training and firm profitability? By course or instructor? If so, where could investments in training improve productivity and profitability?
  6. Is there a link between employee engagement, customer satisfaction and increased revenue and profits? If so, what are the value drivers?
  7. Plus much more…

Training Agenda

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Since 2010, our training has helped hundreds of organizations, including many Global 2,000 companies, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, and major government entities around the world, to implement an evidence-based approach to their talent management. See what attendees are saying about our workshops and review some case studies based on our client engagements. Here are key differentiators of HCMI’s workshop:

  • Designed with a practical perspective: real case study stories, examples, and advanced tools
  • Includes over 30 case studies, 10 hands-on exercises, and peer-based interactive discussions
  • Walk away from our training with metrics, tools, and templates to make an immediate impact
  • Conducted by a globally recognized workforce analytics expert

Who Should Attend this Workshop?

  • Training and Development
  • Talent Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Workforce Planning
  • Workforce Analytics
  • Strategic Planning
  • Human Resource Information System
  • Human Resource Business Partner
  • Finance

No Training Prerequisite

There is no prerequisite to attend HCMI’s workshops. All an attendee needs are basic statistics, Microsoft Excel, and business knowledge.

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