• June 2, 2015 -
    Human Capital Disclosure Statement
    Introducing the Human Capital Disclosure Statement, a reporting framework that captures and quantifies key information about your human capital and its business impact, allowing users to make workforce management decisions that are both sustainable and optimized.
  • August 28, 2016 -
    Top 5 Metrics for Workforce Analytics
    Over the past few years, organizations have done an unprecedented amount of restructuring, retrenchment, and downsizing. Much of this has been reactionary, without time to think, plan, or take into consideration the optimal size and structure of the workforce. This white paper will help address this issue by outlining the top 5 key human capital metrics and how they can help make sense out of the challenges and confusion of economic downturns and growth cycles. The metrics covered in this white paper provide: - Visibility to understand and analyze human capital. - The ability for data driven decision making for the workforce. - Your Organization with a better level of preparedness for economic crisis. - The ability to make precise surgical cuts vs. ineffective “cut across the board” methods.
  • August 28, 2016 -
    OrgPlus - Total Cost of Workforce
    In today’s economy, organizations are focused on efficiencies and costs. Including the Fortune 500™ organizations, total human capital costs, or total cost of workforce, is nearly 70% of operating expenses. While human capital costs may vary, they remain the single biggest organizational expense. Given their fluid and rapidly changing nature, human capital costs are extremely difficult to manage and control. Even the best organizations lack the tools with which to properly manage their workforce costs. This white paper sheds light on the Total Cost of Workforce and how you can be ready to manage it.
  • August 28, 2016 -
    Linking Human Capital to Business Performance White Paper
    You can’t afford to miss this one! Our broad-reaching white paper lays out detailed analysis and evidence to support the conclusion that human capital metrics can successfully predict public company stock price changes (i.e., performance). Highlights of the white paper: - Learn the correlation between select HC metrics and stock price. - Covers 22,000 companies over 16 years and 6 HC metrics. - Breakdown of specific industries and how they’re affected. - Discover how Total Cost of Workforce(TCOW) is superior to traditional headcount metrics.
  • August 28, 2016 -
    Linking Human Capital to Business Performance - Executive Summary
    What if human capital could be valued and its contribution quantified in the form of productivity or return? What if the return on human capital could be definitively linked to business results? In essence: Can changes in human capital metrics explain movements (i.e., predict) in stock performance for companies? The answer is YES!
  • August 28, 2016 -
    Human Capital Financial Statements White Paper
    HCMI’s Human Capital Financial Statements (HCF$) provide a standard means with which to measure, report and disclose a company’s human capital. A company’s workforce can finally be reported separately for what it is: a critical factor in the success of any organization. First, read more about the HCF$ in the white paper. Learn how and why: - HCF$ need to be an integral part of business decision making. - HCF$ quantify HC similar to traditional financial statements. - The overall benefit of using HCF$ for your company. - Methods to utilize HCF$ to make evidence-based business decisions.