About Human Capital Management Institute

HCMI (Human Capital Management Institute) is a workforce analytics software and services firm that provides organizations with the actionable intelligence, powerful software and deep analytics expertise to deliver better business results by building a more productive workforce and maximizing the return on its Human Capital investments.

Nearly a decade ago we pioneered the rigorous financial measurement of Human Capital ROI using objective, verifiable, and value-based valuation principles to develop the Human Capital Financial Statement (HCF$TM ) – a strategic tool for senior leaders to optimize workforce decisions regarding capability, capacity, cost, performance, structure, hiring, turnover, training and more. Many investors and boards of directors use this same information to assess the connection between human capital performance and financial and stock performance.

Today, HCMI is a recognized thought leader in evidence-based workforce intelligence having added to the foundation of the HCF$TM with the Human Capital Metrics Handbook of over 600 quantifiable workforce metrics, SOLVETM predictive analytics software that simplifies and automates workforce analytics and planning, and a collaborative team of statisticians and human capital experts for guidance and support.

Our principles and values are critical to our business. We hold ourselves to the highest professional standards and pledge to deliver value for every client. We would welcome the opportunity to have a conversation to see how we can help, and to share our passion for the business value of human capital and our commitment to client success.

HCMI Vision

HCMI was founded on the belief that organizations can, and must, find better ways of measuring their investments in human capital. The workforce is the largest expenditure for most organizations, and while there are many time-tested ways to value the tangible inputs that drive all businesses, few exist to provide an accurate means to value and manage the workforce.

HCMI strives to set the global standards in workforce analytics, workforce planning, workforce metrics and benchmarking, performance management and HR data and transaction classification. We lead and educate organizations on what to measure, what it means, how it fits, and how to improve it. We believe it is only through rigorous standards, continuous data tracking, trending and analysis that true workforce business intelligence can be achieved. These beliefs are at the core of our products and services. Successful integration of our framework, measurement methodology and advanced analysis and planning tools is critical to drive this strategy.

HCMI Mission

Our mission is to fundamentally change the way organizations make decisions about their workforce. From a past dominated by archaic and unproven conventional wisdom, to one of rigorous data driven analysis and fact based decision making, HCMI seeks to enable organizations to leverage their workforce as a source of transformational value creation, and truly live up to the billing as an organization’s most valuable asset. Our intent is to help organizations build a contextual map for analysis that goes beyond simple measurement and benchmarking to deliver true business intelligence and perspective that professionals within and outside of HR can use to achieve results.