Workforce Intelligence Consortium

Transform the Way You Measure and Manage Your Workforce

The Workforce Intelligence Consortium quantifies and solves persistent workforce issues by leveraging the most advanced tools, training, and experts available. Founded by the Human Capital Management Institute (HCMI), consortium members rapidly improve the workforce planning and analytics discipline. We go beyond workforce planning to workforce intelligence.

Workforce intelligence is the transformation of human capital, business, and financial data into actionable analytics. Applying the principles of predictive management and proprietary human capital relationships, HCMI has developed a suite of workforce intelligence tools and practices.

Consortium members will implement and improve the workforce intelligence tools and practices to bring the next generation of workforce planning and analytics to market. Receive input from experts to solve your unique industry specific workforce challenges.

Membership Benefits


  • The Workforce Quantifier™ RIO Calculator
  • Comprehensive Data Integration Blueprint
  • The Workforce Image Map™ (WIM) Tool
  • The HCMI Job Classification Framework
  • Most Advanced Workforce Intelligence Software


  • Industry Specific Solution Sessions with Workforce Analytics Experts
  • Domestic and international client experience across most major industries
  • The Human Capital Metric Handbook™ with over 600 measures
  • Workforce Financial Expertise

Training, Education Community Forums

  • HCMI Certification Training in Analytics and Workforce Planning
  • Peer discussions and best practice sharing
  • White Papers
  • Ongoing webinar education series
  • Standards for HR and Workforce Data

The Workforce Intelligence Consortium (WIC) will transform your workforce planning and analytics discipline. Whether you are just starting your workforce measurement journey, or have been practicing workforce planning and analytics for years, we will help you solve your specific company and industry challenges.

Becoming a Member

Membership cost is based on organization size and is offered at a fraction of the price of other software offerings.

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