Learn how to measure the immeasurable in human capital and transform your workforce data into business intelligence. These empowering training provide you with the appropriate tools, techniques, and process to successfully achieve workforce planning and analytics excellence in any company. Led by our highly engaging trainers, participants will learn valuable content, review real life case studies and walk through relevant exercises to apply the knowledge to their organizations. Contact us for more information.

HCMI’s 2017 Public Training Courses

Training Courses Date Location
2-day Workforce Productivity Training April 11 & 12 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2-day Workforce Analytics Training May 18 & 19 New York, NY
2-day Workforce Planning Training June 14 & 15 Denver, CO
2-day Workforce Productivity Training August 22 & 23 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Training Programs

Workforce Analytics

Workforce Analytics: 2 Day Training Course – Read More Build a foundation for data-driven decision making and learn how to deliver business insights through workforce analysis.

Advanced Workforce Analytics: 1 Day Training Course – Read More Transform workforce data and strategy into a value creation engine for the organization and quantify the financial impact of workforce decisions.

Workforce Productivity: 2 Day Training Course – Read More Quantify the value contributions of different job roles and levels of performance. The ultimate training to differentiate your workforce and surgically measure and drive increased workforce productivity.

Workforce Planning

Workforce Planning: 2 Day Training Course – Read More Build and model scenarios that illuminate the optimal future workforce, identify critical skills, job roles and development paths. Identify and avoid talent shortages, improve efficiency and map out the future talent strategy.

Advanced Workforce Planning: 2 Day Training Course Using advanced modeling techniques, predict future talent gaps, costs and productivity. Deliver workforce ROI with integrated workforce and financial modeling that links business, workforce and HR strategy.

Key Performance Indicators and Scorecard Design

Key Performance Indicator: 1 Day Standard or 2 Day Custom Workshop Uncover, discuss, evaluate, select and establish targets for key performance indicators linking business results to workforce success for the organization.

Scorecard Design: 1 Day Standard or 2 Day Custom Workshop Use best in class methods for creating a balanced workforce scorecard to Link key performance indicators (KPIs) to critical business issues. Develop custom scorecards using predictive leading indicators around all areas of the employee lifecycle.

The ROI of Workforce Decisions

Human Capital Financial Statements (HCF$): 2 Day Workshop – Read More Create opportunities to optimize workforce decisions regarding job structure, performance, training, career development, hiring, turnover, rewards and more using the HCF$ tool. There is no longer a reason to guess what the value of your human capital is. This training will provide the skills and tools to definitively answer this question.

Financial Modeling and Value Creation: 1 Day Workshop Increase productivity, drive cost savings and quantify the financial impact of human capital strategy decisions. Project the ROI and NPV of workforce interventions using our proprietary Workforce Quantifier™ tool.

Talent Management

Talent Management Index: 2 Day Workshop – Read More Leverage a combination of workforce and financial metrics that work together holistically across the entire talent management lifecycle. Advanced Index Metrics allow organizations to analyze and evaluate talent management practices for recruiting, mobility, performance management, training, development, and turnover or retention.

Advanced Index Metrics: 2 Day Workshop Design advanced index metrics and leading indicators that predict critical business outcomes using Human Concept’s Org Plus™ technology.

Data Transformation and Standards

Data Transformation and Standards: 2 Day Workshop Unlock the predictive power of your HR and workforce information resources by leveraging best in class data, metrics, transactions, process and timing standards.

HR and Job Classification Standards and Framework: 3 Day Workshop Implement a robust methodology for workforce segmentation and significantly increase the value of workforce analytics and planning efforts. Identify critical job roles, create custom job groupings and enable quick and easy detail drill downs and aggregate summaries of employees by job attributes.

Business Intelligence (BI) Database Design: Custom 2-3 Day Workshop Drive value by combining data in disparate systems, linking workforce and business data and building a predictive model to architect workforce interventions.

Center of Excellence(COE)

COE: Delivering Value and Insights: 2 Day Training Course Build skills and talent to advise your organization in the role of internal consultants.  Leverage a core metrics, analytics and planning foundation and develop a strategic advantage through partnerships with lines of business and top management.

Industry Specific and Custom Training

Custom Analytic Assessment:  3-5 Day Workshop Identify cost savings and value creation opportunities at your organization.  Onsite workshop using your workforce data, systems, and organization focus to uncover key trends that drive workforce strategy and rapidly advance your human capital practice.

Custom Workforce Planning Assessment: 3-5 Day Workshop Jump start the workforce planning implementation process at your organization.  Onsite workshop that creates a customized planning framework and methodology specific to your business and builds the foundation for advanced workforce planning.

Customized Training and Workshops

Tailor an onsite workshop to your specific workforce and business issues.  Areas of focus include internal mobility, retention of key talent, drivers of productivity, pay for performance, ROI of training and aging workforce, among others.  Workshops vary in length, typically 1 to 2-day sessions.

Industry Specific Training and Workshops

Leverage insights and best practices in your industry, including custom metrics, benchmarks, compensation strategy, economic forecasts and talent sourcing and retention trends.  Examples of industries include:

  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Oil and Gas
  • Retail
  • Government and Non-Profit
  • Media and Communications
  • Telecommunications
  • Technology
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing