Thought Leadership

The Thought Leadership page is dedicated to promoting innovative ideas and passionate discussions about the workforce analytics and planning space. Visit us regularly for discussions, blogs, and links to additional resources which promote excellence in human capital metrics and workforce planning to increase productivity at a business strategic level. HCMI uses the AACEE maturity model to guide companies through the stages of Awareness (stage 1), Action, Competence, Effectiveness, and Excellence (stage 5).

Analytics and workforce planning process

White Papers

Our white papers provide insight into our products, services and how they address challenges specific to our industry.

These white papers include:

  • Human Capital Financial Statements
  • Top 5 Metrics for Workforce Analystics
  • OrgPlus – Total Cost of Workforce
  • Get more details…

Webinars and Education

Through our Workforce Intelligence Consortium, we present webinars and educational opportunities.

Human Capital Chronicles

The Human Capital Chronicles is a series of short stories chronicling the analytics journey along HCMI’s human capital evolution model from “Awareness” to “Excellence” of several organizations across a variety of industries.