Workforce ROI Calculator

Human Capital Management Institute’s (HCMI) Workforce ROI Calculator™ is the first-ever quick and easy to use advanced analytics tool that quantifies the financial impact of workforce interventions. Users have the ability to forecast cost savings and value creation scenarios for the entire organization, entity, or business unit, and for specific position groups or critical job roles. The calculator was created as a simple template to generate the maximum amount of value creation, financial cost, and HR ROI information from the fewest possible data inputs.

The purpose of the Workforce ROI Calculator™ is to provide HR and Finance professionals a straightforward tool to analyze and predict workforce cost and value implications. Specific areas of analysis include workforce productivity, engagement, performance, retention, mobility and training, among others.

Benefits & Product Highlights

Why use this calculator? Finance organizations have been using standard net present value (NPV), return on investment (ROI), and internal rate of return (IRR) templates and calculation models for decades; yet no such calculator has existed until now to quantify or support data driven decision making for the workforce.

Leverage Simple Analytic Tools to Conduct Complex Workforce Analysis

Shown below, HCMI’s Workforce ROI Calculator™ enables quick and easy scenario modeling, quantifies the financial impact of workforce strategy decisions and forecasts cost savings opportunities.



Quantify the Value of Workforce Productivity Increases

HCMI’s Workforce ROI Calculator™ quantifies the value of workforce interventions. Enable the business intelligence missing from today’s HRIS and Financial systems.

Drive Cost Savings with HCMI’s Proprietary Workforce Calculator

Use HCMI’s Workforce ROI Calculator™ to get a seat at the strategic table, show the value of HR and build a business case for workforce analytics and workforce planning.

Enable Human Capital Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making

Customize and calibrate HCMI’s Workforce ROI Calculator™ to your unique organization needs, giving HR and Finance a tool to truly make data-driven workforce decisions.

Realize Millions of Dollars in Workforce Savings and Value Creation

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