How Workforce Analytics is Like the Human Body

In the world of workforce analytics and predictive planning, organizations are looking for answers to the following frequently asked questions;

-What is the most important metric I should be tracking?
-What does it indicate?
-How do I know when corrective action should be taken? and lastly,
-What action should I take?

An HR Leader’s Dream Come True: Human Capital Financial Statements

I might be classified in the traditional HR professional camp. I didn’t get a business degree. I didn’t even take Finance in college. I did take 4 years of chemistry and calculus. But that really didn’t count when I got into the business world. And, yet, somehow I made my way from an analytical role into an operational HR role

Workforce Productivity Quantified

Since the industrial revolution companies have been pursuing ways to quantify workforce productivity and the differential value that top performers contribute versus average performers. Back when most jobs were either direct sales or were involved in manufacturing and production of products it was far easier to simply measure the amount of sales a sales person generated or the amount of widgets a manufacturing person assembled.